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Nutrition and Wellness

 Immediate effect at the optical level from 48 hours to 30 days definitive.
 – no contraindications
 -the best option for patients with fear of permanent results.

  • We specialize in your well-being such as health and weight loss Body Contouring
  • Weight Loss “transformation “
    Your visit includes a food menu and more.
  • Radio frequency
  • Anti Aging Vaccine
  • Brazilian But lift
  • Cellulite Treatment

Treatment can be performed on the same day of the evaluation.

  • Without cuts
  • No scars or stitches.
  • No recovery

What is a lymphatic drainage?  When is it indicated?

 Lymphatic drainage consists of a slow and repetitive massage, with a specific direction following the direction of the lymphatic vessels and stimulating cleaning.

 It is recommended in:
 Edema in the lower extremities after surgery or for bedridden people or during pregnancy.
 Varicose veins.
 Premenstrual syndrome.
 Tired and swollen legs.
 Edema due to kidney or liver problems or joint deformities in severe cases of arthritis and osteoarthritis.
 In situations of anxiety and stress.
 Post-operative fibrosis and body contour


Lymphatic drainage benefits

Eliminate toxins.
 Regulates body fluids.
 Improves return circulation.
 Increase in defenses.
 Control blood pressure.
 Improved lymphatic circulation and kidney function.
 This type of massage should be performed by a professional who knows these techniques.
 It is important that to avoid that the effects of the drainage disappear quickly you avoid tobacco.

Did you know that at avanti we offer you advice on WEIGHT LOSS, NUTRITION AND HEALTHY FOOD.
 This is why the role of our nutritional specialists within the team is very important.  This does not mean to indicate a diet to follow, but to provide the necessary information so that the patient can eat in a healthy way and thus help the success of the treatment while improving her general health status.


I present to you the new treatment that will free you from 22 POUNDS IN ONE MONTH, its name:

             AVANTI B. C. R

 It consists of working with «totally organic fat burning» agents that will perform synergy in your body, accelerating YOUR metabolism, thus increasing your energy levels, preventing the accumulation of cholesterol.  Increased metabolism stimulates the body to use fat for energy thereby decreasing hunger or suppressing appetite.  The body rids itself of fat and aids in the removal of toxins and wastes from the liver to aid with weight loss and detoxification.

The Anti-Aging vaccine

The Anti-Aging vaccine slows down the aging process. Improves skin elasticity, reducing flaccidity. Prevents the premature appearance of folds and wrinkles. Prevents cell deterioration and organic wear, which are the beginning of degenerative diseases.